Outreach & Social Justice


We expect our church community to make us less complacent by encouraging us to follow Christ's way and serve others in our parish, in our local community, and in the world-at-large. Faced with the distractions of modern life, we strive to focus and stretch ourselves so that we become better, more faithful servants of love, justice and mercy.


In addition to the direct involvement we take in outreach activities, both as individuals and as a church, from time to time we feel called to express our commitment to social justice by speaking out as a body on issues of importance to our society and the world.

United Parish is an active contributor to the Brookline Emergency Food Pantry. The Brookline Food Pantry provides free food to Brookline families and individuals in need.

At United Parish in Brookline we are grateful to be able to share gifts with organizations doing good work in a variety of communities.

The funds United Parish gives away come from three sources:

Every year United Parish participates in a Day of Service organized by the City Mission Society of Boston to honor the life and legacy of Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King.

Contact: stretchingintojustice@upbrookline.org

Each year, the United Parish Stretching into Justice Ministry Team chooses a theme to expand our shared learning and understanding of a specific important social issue and how it affects our lives as Christians; to focus and unify our congregation and call us into new service projects; and to engage our congregation with new people and service organizations.

In 2014, members of United Parish began meeting and discussing how this church can work together to raise awareness of environmental issues in our community and in our world.

The United Parish has a 30+ year tradition of joining Project Bread's Walk for Hunger, a fundraising and community planning organization for more than 400 hunger programs across Massachusetts.

On Sunday, October 31, 2021, the United Parish in Brookline ​launched a brand new racial justice initiative centered on the musical legacy of enslaved African Americans. We will begin the practice of collecting "royalties" ​for the African American, or “Negro,” Spirituals we sing in worship.