About Us


The United Parish is home to more than 250 members and friends who come from all walks of life and a wide range of traditions.

We are believers, questioners and doubters, young and old, gay and straight, partnered and single, many with children and all who were once children, those who know what they believe and those who are still trying to figure it out. Some of us grew up in church. For others, this is our first spiritual community. Our life together is grounded in worship that draws from the best of Christian tradition and celebrates the Spirit in us today.

Together we engage in programs of education, service, spiritual practices, fellowship and music—that we might grow closer to God, be drawn into deeper relationship with one another and be more steadfastly connected to the world in which we live. We rely on God's grace and guidance to show us the Way. We created and are growing into an overarching Vision for the United Parish built upon four guiding directions for our life together:

  • Exalting in Worship—celebrating God through worship, music, and art
  • Deepening in Christian Faith and Spirituality—equipping ourselves for lifelong spiritual journeys
  • Gathering in Community—creating a sense of home in our community
  • Stretching into Justice—following Christ by serving others.

We are a spiritual community that draws upon the diverse and wondrous gifts of our members and friends. We care for one another while allowing others to care for us.

Read more in our Welcome Brochure.

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