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Archives: December 2016

Dec 23, 2016 - Kent French

I warmly invite all of you to join us this Saturday evening for Christmas Eve. Bring your friends and your family as we remind ourselves what it means to welcome God as a baby into this world.

At 5pm, we re-tell the Christmas story with an all-ages participatory pageant. It is unrehearsed, just as it was unrehearsed that first night in Bethlehem. Costumes are available, and there’s a part for everyone, whether you are an angel, a shepherd, a donkey, a wise one, an expectant mother,...

Dec 15, 2016 - Susan DeSelms

This Sunday, we will celebrate the Fourth Sunday of Advent with a liturgical feast for the senses, featuring music, poetry, displays of candlelight throughout the sanctuary and the the beauty of numerous poinsettias all donated honoring and remembering loved ones.

At a time when division among neighbors seems overwhelmingly strong, this season of Advent feels especially relevant. We are drawn to the themes Advent offers us: Hope! (for healing), Prepare! (for change that must begin...

Dec 08, 2016 - Kent French

It is Advent. We have lit candles for Hope and Love and this Sunday, we will light another for Joy. The candles are important, spiritual reminders of how to re-welcome God into our lives as a helpless baby.

Babies are naked and need warmth. Babies are playful and welcome toys. You and I have tangible, physical ways to welcome the baby Christ, opportunities to help clothe “the naked” (Matthew 25:36) and bring joy to...